• smart connections for carrier software

    Connect SYSPRO to any Carrier Software

    Just one click transmits order data from Dispatch or Delivery Notes for instant shipping with FedEx Ship Manager, UPS WorldShip, Stamps.com, DHL EasyShip, Purolator E-Ship, and Banyan’s LTL Freight Management System.

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  • smart connections for carrier software

    Manage Shipping to Maximize Efficiency

    ShipLink provides a comprehensive library of standard business rules and configurations to streamline fulfillment, pre-select carrier services and accelerate invoicing on every order you ship.

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  • smart connections for carrier software

    Optimize SYSPRO Order Management

    ShipLink integrates directly with SYSPRO Sales Order Management to retrieve order details, apply business rules, and execute shipments followed by allocation of freight charges and the posting of tracking numbers and order statuses, including multi-order consolidated shipments.

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  • smart connections for carrier software

    Access all available Carrier Services

    ShipLink provides certified integration and account management tools to ensure 100% compatible access to the full range of time and money saving carrier services, including negotiated discounts and contract offerings.

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  • smart connections for carrier software

    Customize ShipLink for any Application

    ShipLink provides tools to configure connections for virtually any SYSPRO business application, including Ecommerce, Manufacturing, Distribution, and International Fulfillment.

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  • smart connections for carrier software

    See why SYSPRO users prefer ShipLink

    ShipLink is number one for companies using carrier software, with hundreds of installations operating in a broad range of industries, including consumer products, healthcare, aerospace, textiles and industrial equipment.

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    Cloud Managed PC Application

    Whether you operate one or one hundred shipping stations, ShipLink is the ideal solution for SYSPRO users who want to optimize Sales Order Management and take full advantage of carrier software.

    With ShipLink’s powerful business rules engine and certified integrations, SYSPRO users get multi-carrier solution performance with all the convenience of using familiar carrier software.

    ShipLink’s cloud-managed Administration system lets you quickly configure each PC to support unique workflows, business rules, customer notifications and carrier preferences.

    ShipLink WorkStations allow users to scan order numbers, enter number of parcels, set options and then, with a single click, instantly transfer data to the appropriate carrier software.

    ShipLink populates all relevant fields facilitating instant shipment processing and label generation.

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    Enterprise Capabilities

    More than a simple connection between SYSPRO and carrier software, ShipLink provides all the performance you expect from a robust, multi-carrier shipping system.

    • Full integration with SYSPRO Sales Order Management module to support single click shipping, line item data retrieval, shipment tracking, order status updates, freight charge allocation and invoicing.

    • Comprehensive rules engine optimizing carrier and service selection based upon unlimited parameters, including customer ID, origin, destination, item class, weight and declared value among others.

    • Global shipping capability with complete support for both international origins and destinations, including currency conversions, units of measure and customizable export documents.

    • True freight capability with rate shopping and access to hundreds of LTL carriers, including YRC, R+L, XPO Logistics, Pitt Ohio, SAIA, USF, Old Dominion, Roadrunner, AAA Cooper, Schneider and ABF among others.

    • Complete transaction logging and shipment reporting with the ability to search by carrier, customer, date, order and more.

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    Rich Integration with SYSPRO

    • ShipLink was uniquely designed to support all versions of SYSPRO – providing enterprise performance typically reserved for expensive TMS applications.
    • ShipLink retrieves detailed order data, including line item detail from your choice of Dispatch or Delivery notes.
    • ShipLink consolidates multiple orders into single shipments saving processing time and reducing freight and administrative costs.
    • ShipLink automatically updates SYSPRO Sales Order records with linked tracking numbers, allocated freight charges and modified order status to improve visibility and support same-day invoicing.
    • ShipLink streamlines SYSPRO implementation, with a managed process that allows for installation, configuration and training in as little as one day.

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  • Multicarrier Support

    ShipLink seamlessly integrates with the most popular parcel carrier software programs, including FedEx Ship Manager, UPS WorldShip, USPS Stamps.com, DHL EasyShip, and Purolator E-Ship.

    ShipLink’s LTL module also integrates with the Banyan Freight Management System, providing dynamic real-time quotes from every national LTL carrier and most all regionals.

    In both cases ShipLink scans custom business rules, presents the selected carrier software and automatically populates all relevant fields with fully compliant data.

    As a result ShipLink eliminates errors and allows users to complete shipments in just seconds.

    By working directly with carrier software ShipLink provides users with immediate access to all available services – a capability not provided by traditional multi-carrier software programs.

    Access to the full range of carrier services provides ShipLink users with substantial cost savings opportunities.

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  • Diverse Applications

    Diverse Applications

    ShipLink was designed to support and improve virtually any SYSPRO shipping function.

    • Ecommerce merchants charging flat rates can assess shipping profitability by utilizing ShipLink’s ability to update the freight cost in pre-existing freight charge line items. For merchants with high volume requirements, ShipLink’s single-click operation accelerates throughput.
    • Manufacturing companies save money with ShipLink’s ability to support both freight and parcel shipping – with rules-based carrier selection. Utilization of ShipLink’s rules-generated declaration of goods values, based upon intended use, allows international shippers to save duties and taxes.
    • Distribution companies can improve sales and marketing by creation of unique freight charge promotions utilizing ShipLink’s advanced business rules. ShipLink’s single-click tracking from within SYSPRO S/O Query both enhances customer service and improves customer satisfaction.
  • 100’s of Satisfied Users

    100’s of Satisfied Users

    Since 2005 ShipLink has been working to streamline fulfillment, improve customer satisfaction and reduce transportation expense for hundreds of SYSPRO users around the world.

    This includes companies both large and small – working from a single location or with multiple distribution centers – in a diverse range of industries.

    Without exception, they are shippers who recognized that there is no need to choose between full carrier functionality and tight SYSPRO integration. ShipLink’s flexibility provides these shippers with a solution that extracts all order related data, applies business rules and leverages the inherent advantages of carrier software.

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